Want a hassle free, safe and secure solution to handling hot used cooking oil?

Oilsense is an innovative onsite storage tank that improves health and safety, optimises oil use and has anti-theft features to ensure you maximise your rebate. 


Hassle free
Once securely stored, the tanks levels are remotely monitored which means we can plan your collections for you when they are needed. Olleco is fully compliant with all legal requirements giving you peace of mind.

The storage tank is directly connected to your fryer which means your employees are not required to manually handle hot oil. 

Once we have collected all of your used cooking oil, we recycle it into environmentally-friendly biodiesel. This mean you are not only saving money with potentially higher rebates but you are helping to secure our environment’s future. 


Oilsense benefits 

  • Can reduce oil spend by amounts which are much larger than the revenue generated from UCO rebates
  • Comprehensive oil management service
  • Reducing slips trips and falls in the kitchen
  • Reduces the risk of burns
  • Reduces the time taken to change the oil in fryers
  • Cooking oil is stored outside
  • Help the environment
  • Anti-theft features