Bulk food waste collections

Getting a better food waste collection service and a better outcome

We are one of the UK’s leading food waste collection services and there’s a reason for that. Our customer service is second to none and our Food Waste Recovery Teams across the country work tirelessly to ensure that we keep your operations running smoothly. This ensures you get an industrial food waste disposal service that is both cost-efficient and timely. 

What drives us is not just the desire to serve you, our customers, but the pressing need to serve the planet and reduce the risk of our food waste destroying our home.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our processes are as sustainable as possible. To maximise your ability to leverage these, we provide you with detailed data-reporting to inform your sustainability planning and empower you to build the environmental profile of your brand with your own customers.

Industrial and local authority food waste disposal

Converting industrial food waste from an environmental liability into a valuable resource

Food factories and processing plants are responsible for 17% of the UK’s food waste (not including food waste on farms). Retailers and wholesalers are responsible for a further 3% and estimates suggest that as much as 3.6 million tonnes may be lost on farms in waste and surplus production.

Dealing with this in the most proactive and sustainable way possible is a key part of our responsibility, as humans, to limit the environmental impact of food, which accounts for over a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to helping you achieve the best outcome possible for your food waste. Our national bulk food waste collection service will guarantee you the best environmental outcome for your unavoidable food waste.

A national collection network with global impacts

We offer bulk food waste collections to anyone in the UK producing significantly more than 10 tonnes of food waste per week. This includes food factories, local authorities, food manufacturers, food processing plants, retailers, wholesalers and distribution centres.

Collections can be organised either regularly or on a highly responsive or ad hoc basis. For existing customers, we guarantee collections, on demand, within 24 hours and for new customers we always have capacity to provide collections at reasonably short notice.

Food waste can be accepted either raw or packaged and palletised as we have sophisticated de-packaging equipment at our facilities. State-of-the-art route-planning software and a network of processing plants across the UK means we can minimise the carbon miles your food waste incurs on its journey to recovery.

How we make the most of your food waste

All of the food waste we collect is processed through our national network of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. These plants safely capture the methane emitted from your food waste and use it to create renewable biogas which can be used to fuel heat and power plants or upgraded into biomethane to fuel vehicles or be fed into the national gas grid.

The plants also produce nutrient-rich organic fertiliser which reduces the need for the chemical fertilisers which have seriously negative impacts on the environment. The digestate is PAS 110 accredited which means that it can be used on farms, horticultural enterprises and landscaping projects.

This process all adds up to the best possible outcome for your food waste and is six times better than composting in terms of carbon emissions. 


1.5 million homes could be supplied with electricity if all UK commercial food waste went to anaerobic digestion.


Food waste doesn’t have to cost the earth. For a cost-efficient service that will benefit you and the planet, get in touch.