Total Resource Management

Our uncompromising and innovative approach to recovering precious resources from the by-products of the food and hospitality sectors has helped us become the UK’s leading collector of used cooking oil and food waste and one of the country’s most progressive waste management operations. We are now applying that powerful environmental commitment to a Total Resource Management service which will encompass all your recyclable and residual waste streams giving a holistic view of the environmental impact of your business. As always, we will deploy the most innovative and effective circular economy techniques to deliver the best environmental and financial outcomes for your commercial waste collections. 

Making waste work for your business

Serving you better

  • We understand the importance of a completely dependable service to your business. 
  • Our customer services team uses a bespoke IT system to ensure we deliver best-in-class service.
  • We work with trusted regional service providers to undertake your collections. We have developed close working relationships and manage them through well-defined service level agreements. 

Serving the planet better

  • Carbon reduction and the circular economy lie at the heart of everything we do. 
  • We empower customers to reduce their environmental impact and will monitor and report on carbon savings delivered. 
  • Leveraging our relationships across the recycling industry allows us to deliver optimal circular economy solutions.

Serving your bottom line better

  • We are committed to reducing the costs of your waste and maximising the revenue from it. We achieve this by applying reduce, re-use, recycle principles to help you design waste costs out of your operations permanently.
  • We work closely with our trusted and dynamic network to obtain the best value for the resources in all of your waste streams.
At Olleco, we don’t believe in waste. Everything has potential and our purpose has always been to ensure that the materials we collect, fully achieve that potential. Our mission is to continue to challenge the status quo, change mindsets and deliver real value to our customers through an ethical and environmental focused approach.
Rob Kaluza Head of Total Resource Management

Forming a true partnership

The foundation of the partnerships we build with our customers is to completely understand your needs. We invest time building a real understanding of the forces driving change and the challenges in delivering it. We get under the skin of your business so we fully understand its DNA. This ensures we are all speaking the same language and we can tailor our services to match.

In order to do that, we will spend time working with you. We can’t add value from behind a desk and we will justify our margins by working closely with your on-site teams. This allows us to build a strong, symbiotic relationship with everyone in your business and enables them to use us as an integrated resource.

Understanding food and hospitality businesses inside out

Because we are focused on the waste and resources arising from the UK food industry, Olleco understands the full range of challenges you face and can provide the industry-specific expertise you need. We understand your business will have its own specific set of challenges. Having built partnerships with your colleagues at every level, we will conduct waste audits on site so we can tailor our service to match your specific requirements. We use our industry experience and innovative approaches to deliver environmental, commercial and social benefits.

Our account-based management system will help your business in three key ways.

  • Advise – we advise our customers on waste policies and current and future legislation, how this affects you and how Olleco can reduce this impact
  • Identify – we use site audits and waste-mapping to identify and prioritise the internal opportunities to reduce waste and resulting costs, then trace the non-recyclable materials back through the supply chain to explore the recyclable or reusable alternatives
  • Drive – our waste management data provides us with detailed analysis of your waste. This informs which sites need to be targeted with coaching and motivational initiatives

Maintaining the very highest service, environmental and safety standards

Working with a national network of regional waste and recycling partners delivers significant benefits over national suppliers. It means that your business is more important to them, and the quality and attention to detail they bring to your service reflects that.

It also means that we are able to maintain the very highest level of service standards by regularly evaluating their performance against agreed service levels and benchmarking their performance against key performance indicators including innovation, sustainability, compliance, and, of course, pricing. Safety is a critical factor in how we evaluate our suppliers who must all meet the stringent health and safety standards we uphold as a company.

Using regional suppliers has the added benefit of reducing the environmental impact of transporting your waste and it helps to support SMEs within your local economy.

Overall, our approach ensures that you are getting the very highest standards of service currently available and that we can select from a wide variety of suppliers to ensure the best environmental and financial outcomes for your waste resources.


Discover a better way for your waste

For many years, Olleco customers have asked for a one-stop solution to all their waste streams. A service that operated to the same high standards as their used cooking oil and food waste collection services. That service is now available. To find out more, get in touch.

What waste streams do you currently produce?