Creating biodiesel that delivers an 89% carbon saving compared to fossil diesel.

Our biodiesel is available to customers anywhere in the world in quantities of 23,000 litres or more.

We produce exceptionally high-quality biodiesel that delivers world-class greenhouse gas savings. Our purpose-built biorefinery is the UK’s largest processing plant dedicated solely to producing biodiesel from used cooking oil. 

We have taken biodiesel conversion technology one step further than others by combining an anaerobic digestion plant with a biodiesel plant. This made ours the first zero carbon biodiesel plant in the UK. Using cutting-edge technology, it produces EN14214 EU specification biodiesel that is fully ISCC certified.

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Where can you use the world’s greenest biodiesel? 

Commercial fleets

It can also be used in higher concentrations of up to 100% for commercial vehicle fleets. Because it is fully ISCC certified it can be used as an integral part of your sustainability strategy. If we collect your used cooking oil and supply you with the resulting biodiesel, it creates a ‘closed loop’ bringing you into the circular economy.


Our biodiesel meets the strict EN14214EU specification which means it can be used to make up the required proportion of biodiesel for forecourt distribution.

Combined heat and power plants

As well as being suitable for use as a fuel for road transport vehicles, our biodiesel can be used as a low carbon renewable fuel for combined heat and power plants. 

What makes our biodiesel better than others?

It can be used in 100% concentration in commercial vehicles

Working closely with our partners in the logistics sector, we have developed a standard of biodiesel that allows it to be used as the sole fuel for their vehicles. Vehicles need to be adapted to run on 100% biodiesel but, as it reduces their environmental impact by 89%, more and more people view this as a route worth following.

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Biodiesel from waste delivers significantly higher greenhouse gas savings

Biodiesel converted from a waste product is much better for the environment than biodiesel created from virgin oil crops. These use land that could be used to grow food putting additional pressure on the food chain and requiring the use of fertilisers. This is how we can deliver such an extraordinary carbon saving when compared not only to fossil fuel but also to other biodiesels.

Our fuels, your circular economy story

Because our biodiesel plant uses energy made from food waste, we can help our customers tell a circular economy story. You can reassure your consumers that your vehicles run on used cooking oil which is converted to renewable biodiesel using energy generated from their food waste using a process that prevents food waste from damaging the environment.

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