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Our Story

From waste collection to resource recovery

Over the years we have grown and strengthened to become Olleco. Previously known as Agri Energy, Olleco now provides foodservice businesses with resource recovery solutions.

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We are more than just a waste business

How we started...

Olleco’s vision is ‘100% resource recovery for the food industry’ and our story began more than 40 years ago when used cooking oil was collected and used in animal feed. When this was banned due to tighter regulations, a huge amount of used cooking oil ended up in landfill or was illegally poured into the country's drains. As a solution we looked at other ways to recover the value from this precious resource, so we started on a journey to collect both used cooking oil and food waste and convert them into renewable energy instead of merely throwing it away.

From there, we have spent the last decade expanding to offer a national service from 15 depots across the UK and have grown and improved our oil supply and organic waste collection services. Today we are one of the UK’s largest distributors of cooking oils to the catering trade and we have created innovative collection systems and designed our own bespoke vehicles specialised for the collection of used cooking oil and food waste. We now serve 50,000 customer sites across the UK and we have led the way in developing our conversion technologies to ensure we extract the maximum benefit from the valuable resources we collect.

Biodiesel Plant

In 2013 we completed our specialist biodiesel plant in Liverpool. Capable of producing 16 million litres of biodiesel it is the UK's largest purpose built plant dedicated to producing biodiesel from used cooking oil. ​In 2015 we completed the construction of our first Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant which provides the heat and power we need to operate the biodiesel plant. This has allowed us to step ever closer to achieving our vision of 100% resource recovery by producing a biodiesel that saves over 95% GHG emissions compared to fossil fuels. 

Inside biodiesel plant

18 sites across the UK

Olleco now employs over ​650 people across the UK meaning we are a local partner with a national reach. We provide our food industry customers with resource recovery services which ensure nothing is ever wasted. We are active members of ADBA, REA and were a founder member of EWABA (European Waste to Advanced Biofuels Association). We support our local communities and Hospitality Action - the catering industry’s charity. We have achieved the Carbon Trust Triple standard as well as being an approved supplier of the sustainable restaurant association. We are also audited by ISCC and have achieved the highest possible award from them.