Used Cooking Oil Collections

You can trust our local used cooking oil collection teams to offer a reliable and efficient service that ensures your restaurant or food business is fully compliant with environmental legislation.     

Every drop of used cooking oil we collect is recycled into renewable energy.

The Olleco treatment...

We will collect your used cooking oils and fats either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or when requested. To store your used cooking oil we can provide you with an Olleco Oilsafe, a barrel or alternatively, you can reuse the containers your fresh oil comes in and we will take these away and recycle them for you.

Used cooking oil collections
Olleco Oilsafe

Olleco Oilsafe - Our innovative used cooking oil storage solution

    • Safe inside storage
    • Reduce the risk of theft
    • Leak and odour proof, sealable lid
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • Holds up to 100L
    • Printed volume scale
    • Easy to move

    Combine this with delivery of fresh cooking oil and you’ll only have one visit from us for delivery and collections, saving you time and disruption while minimising Greenhouse emissions.

    Your duty of care

    You are considered a food business if you process, distribute or sell food and by law you are required to dispose of your organic waste responsibly or face a large fine. You therefore need to use a certified supplier who is licensed for collection and waste disposal.

    • We hold a registered waste carriers licence
    • Provide you with a controlled waste transfer note for every collection
    • Are able to give you reports on your annual carbon savings


    Once collected, your used cooking oil goes on to become more...

    Your used cooking oil is taken from your local depot to one of our three processing sites which are located in Southampton, Wales and Liverpool. Once there, the oil is de-packed, heated, cleaned and filtered and then sent to our biodiesel plant in Liverpool for recycling.

    Benefits of Olleco used cooking oil collection...

    • Fully insured and compliant, we protect you against fines for not disposing of your used cooking oil legally
    • We provide regular and reliable collections
    • Our customer service and collection teams are local
    • All the used cooking oil we collect is recycled into renewable energy
    • We set industry standards and safety practice

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