Used cooking oil collections

We are the UK’s leading supplier of cooking oil and collector of used cooking oil. We ensure that your cooking oil recycling service meets all legal requirements and we guarantee that it is recycled to the very highest environmental standards. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle the climate emergency.

We provide businesses across the UK with an industry-leading and competitive used cooking oil recycling service. Your used cooking oil is a valuable resource and, as a business, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that it is disposed of safely using a legally-compliant cooking oil recycling specialist.

Disposing of fats down the drain is a serious environmental issue and can lead to the formation of fatbergs which can cost water companies millions. Failure to comply fully with regulations can lead to fines running into thousands of pounds. We can advise you on how best to capture animal and vegetable fats and put them to good use.

Using the same delivery vehicles to collect used cooking oil makes environmental and business sense

Because we also operate the UK’s leading cooking oil delivery service, we can uplift used cooking oil in the same vehicles we use to deliver fresh oil. They have been specially designed for this purpose – keeping fresh oil hygienically separated from used oil in different parts of the vehicle. This reduces the carbon impact of your collection service by 50%, keeping collection costs down. It also helps you operate more efficiently as your fresh cooking oil is delivered at the same time.

Serving any business in the UK generating used cooking oil

Whatever size of business you operate, we can provide you with a reliable and timely used cooking oil collection service. We serve everyone from the UK’s largest restaurant and hotel chains to individual restaurants and fast-food outlets. We also collect from institutions such as hospitals, schools, universities, prisons and businesses with canteens.

If your kitchen produces high volumes of oil, you may benefit from our automated OilSense collection system. Large producers should contact our specialist Food Factory Team.

A national company with local coverage

Our extensive national network of local depots means we are able to offer reliable and responsive collections with a choice of frequencies. Depending on the quantity of used cooking oils and fats your business produces, we can collect weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or on request.

To help promote best circular economy practice, we encourage you to use the containers your fresh oil was delivered in to return your used cooking oil. This means we can ensure that the containers are recycled efficiently and helps you reduce your waste collection costs. We can also supply specially designed funnels to help make decanting easy and safe.  

member of the olleco team outside a pub

Alternatively, we can provide you with 60 or 100 litre barrels or you can opt for our innovative Oilsafe bins. These hold up to 100 litres and are available in limited numbers as part of your service contract. They have been designed to reduce the risk from vermin and prevent leaks and odours. They have a printed scale allowing you to visually monitor how much oil you have produced. They are easy to clean, helping you maintain hygiene standards and, because they are on wheels, they reduce the need for heavy lifting.

Advanced collection services right across the UK

We use sophisticated delivery software to ensure that deliveries and collections operate as efficiently as possible, minimising carbon miles and costs and maximising any potential returns for your oil.

olleco collection vehicle

Delivering you competitive returns for your used cooking oil

Used cooking oil has a value and we do our utmost to ensure our customers benefit from that. We provide rebates based on the quality and quantity of the oil collected. This is carefully monitored and reported to ensure you get the correct amount. If you qualify for a rebate, you can receive it in a number of ways. While many opt to take it as cashback into their account, some of the customers who use our delivery and collection service simply offset the money they get for their used cooking oil against the price they pay for fresh oil. 

Our Olleco branded vehicles and badged delivery drivers use a handheld system to monitor collections and provide you with electronic documentation to prove you are disposing of your waste legally. This ensures you have a clear and transparent record of collections and helps avoid the problem of theft and fraudulent collectors who may try to steal your oil. Recent estimates suggest that as much of 20% of the UK’s used cooking oil is being stolen. Our sales teams can advise you on measures to take to make sure your oil is safe.

Guaranteeing the best environmental outcome from your used cooking oil and fats

Our biodiesel refinery is the largest in the UK solely dedicated to recovering used cooking oil. It produces biodiesel of the very highest quality reducing vehicle carbon emissions by 88%.

What’s more, the food waste scraps and particles contained in the oil we collect from you are filtered out and used to fuel an onsite anaerobic digestion plant that provides the heat and power to fuel the refinery. This ensures nothing goes to waste and that the biodiesel we make from your cooking oil and fats is among the greenest in the world.

Using the same vehicle to collect and deliver also reduces the carbon impact of the cooking oil you use. This all combines to create a positive environmental story for your customers, more and more of whom are looking for a sustainability story in everything they buy.

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