21 February 2022

Switching to a more efficient way of managing your cooking oil couldn’t be simpler

Cooking oil plays a vital role in most commercial kitchens and hospitality businesses.  Frying remains one of the most popular ways to prepare delicious and appetising food. Maintaining regular deliveries of fresh, high quality cooking oils is essential to maintaining the quality and taste of that food. 

It’s also important that you store and dispose of your used cooking oil in line with your duty of care. Getting it wrong could result in fines which can be particularly high if you are found to be responsible for a fatberg. But there is a bespoke, one-stop, cooking oil management service which will take care of all that in the most sustainable way possible. And it is just a phone call away.

Three simple steps to a better cooking oil service

  1. Check the range of cooking oils we supply
  2. Once you’ve decided what you want, fill in our quote builder
  3. A member of our team will be in touch to arrange your first delivery and collection

A range of premium quality cooking oils delivered directly to your door

Olleco offers a full range of fresh, sustainable cooking oils and fats  to meet all of your needs. Our team will discuss what oils you require, advise on the performance of different oils and organise regular deliveries scheduled to ensure you always have sufficient supplies of each of the oils you need. For most businesses, those needs are relatively predictable, and weekly or fortnightly deliveries can be scheduled to match those needs. Order quantities can be varied to suit the demand of that time of year and additional ad hoc deliveries can be arranged with a quick call or email to our sales team

Saving your time and your planet

Because we operate the UK’s leading cooking oil delivery service, with a network covering the whole country, we are able to uplift used cooking oil in the same vehicles we use to deliver fresh oil. These have been specially designed for this purpose – keeping fresh oil hygienically separated from used oil in different parts of the vehicle. 

This means just one visit to your premises for deliveries and collections, which means less disruption for your business. Routes are organised to try to ensure you have the same, uniformed driver with official ID, who will know where things go and will come in and store your fresh oil as directed, and collect the used cooking oil from where it is stored, leaving your own employees more time for their kitchen duties.

Using a single vehicle for collection and delivery reduces the carbon impact of your cooking oil service by 50%. This helps keep costs down, and means that your business is operating more efficiently and sustainably for both deliveries and collections.


Waste. What waste? 

Used cooking oil is classified as a waste, however, it is also a valuable resource which can be converted into high quality biodiesel if processed correctly. The conversion process is heavily regulated so it is important that it is carried out by a licensed operator and that you get the correct documentation from whoever is collecting it. 

Our service enables you to do this paperlessly with documentation such as Waste Transfer Notes emailed to you directly. This reduces the risk of paperwork going missing in the kitchen and, of course, it reduces waste paper.

We operate one of the UK’s most advanced and sustainable biorefineries so the cooking oil we collect from you will be converted into  high quality, premium biodiesel. This makes its way onto garage forecourts and into commercial vehicles, where it can reduce vehicle emissions by an incredible 88%. What could be better than knowing that your used cooking oil is helping to tackle the climate emergency?

If you already have a store of used cooking oil when you sign up, we will happily collect that from you when we make our first delivery. We’re always ready to collect used cooking oil and if you want us to provide a collection-only service, that can also be arranged.

Improving your storage arrangements and your recycling performance

It’s your duty to store used oil safely and we offer a range of storage solutions that our team can discuss with you. The one we recommend for most customers is to use the containers that the fresh oil is delivered in to return the used oil. 

This has a number of advantages. It reduces the amount of storage room required - our containers are more compact and easier to handle than bins or drums, and we know how much of a premium there is on space in many restaurant kitchens. It also reduces the amount of waste in your bins as we take away the used containers for recycling so it can help reduce your waste costs. 

To make the process even easier, we will give you a specially designed funnel that enables you to refill the empty containers quickly and safely with no mess or risk of spillage. 

You can switch to a more efficient and sustainable cooking oil service today

Our quote builder tool is the easiest way to tell us what you need. It will assess the quantity of oil and the frequency of deliveries you require. You can tell us how you’d prefer to be contacted and once you have completed it, a member of our  team will email or phone you back. If you’d prefer, you can always call our team on 0808 169 4441 from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We should be able to get your service up and running within the week, or within the fortnight if you are in a particularly rural part of the country. 

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