Our customers have helped us donate a staggering £111K to Hospitality Action

02 May 2019
1,711 family days out
Our latest donations to Hospitality Action (HA) bring the grand total of our donations to a staggering £111,919.91

We have been helping to support HA’s invaluable work since 2013 as it seemed the natural way for us to give something back to our customers, colleagues and friends in the industry that is core to our business.  

The hospitality industry comes with its own unique set of challenges and pressures. Unsociable working hours, extremely fast-paced working environments and heightened risk of addiction are just a few of the many factors which can present problems for anyone working in hospitality. That’s why the work of Hospitality Action is so vital. They have been a lifeline to people in the industry for over 180 years, supporting them through challenges and crises such as homelessness, domestic abuse, poverty and long-term illness.

So far, our £111K has enabled:

  • families to go on 1,711 days out so that they can forget their worries and enjoy being together;
  • 88 wheelchairs to be given to individuals so that they are able to keep their independence and a chance for families to maintain a normal life; and
  • 359 washing machines to provide individuals with dignity and extra time and money so that families they can spend more time together

We recently sat down with HA so that they could discover what made us chose to work with them. You can read the full interview on their website by clicking here.

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