Olleco raises over £100,000 for hospitality workers in need

21 August 2018
Olleco cheque handover to Hospitality Action
Olleco has raised a staggering £100,000 to support the catering industry’s first and foremost charity, Hospitality Action.


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Olleco raises over £100,000 for hospitality workers in need_press release_Aug 2018:



Scroll down to see our film which tells the story of how Simon benefited from Olleco’s partnership with Hospitality Action


Why Olleco is donating £100,000 to people in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry comes with its own unique set of challenges and pressures. Unsociable working hours, extremely fast-paced working environments and heightened risk of addiction are just a few of the many factors which can present problems for anyone working in hospitality. That’s why the work of Hospitality Action is so vital. They have been a lifeline to people in the industry for over 180 years, supporting them through challenges and crises such as homelessness, domestic abuse, poverty and long-term illness.

Jason Atherton

The work of Hospitality Action plays an essential role in ensuring the well-being of UK hospitality. Through its amazing fundraising support, Olleco is in turn playing an essential role in keeping our wonderful industry happy, healthy and productive. To raise and donate £100,000 is an astonishing gift, one which the whole team at Olleco should feel very proud of. The fact that they are doing so by collecting and recycling foodservice waste makes this a win win for the industry.”

Jason Atherton
Hospitality Action’s Principal Patron, chef and restaurateur


Transforming lives by transforming wasteOlleco driver and chef
As the UK’s leading supplier of premium cooking oils and fats and collector of used cooking oil and food waste, Olleco depends on a vast range of people right across the hospitality industry. From sustainability managers in national chains to chefs, restaurateurs and kitchen porters. And every one of them plays a part by ensuring that they use Olleco oils and that their used oils and food waste are carefully collected for us to convert into high quality biofuels, heat and fertiliser.


Robert Behan“We’re delighted to be able to support the amazing work of Hospitality Action. Our business depends on people in the hospitality industry and we are dedicated to giving something back to them when they fall on hard times. We’re not doing this for commercial reasons, it’s simply the right thing to do. And, like me, our customers can take real satisfaction from the fact we’re not just safeguarding the environment, we’re also helping to look after our colleagues and friends now and into the future.”

Robert Behan
CEO of Olleco




Toby Hunt“Throughout my career as a chef there have been great highs and proud achievements from doing something I care so much about, however, I have also experienced the opposite end of the spectrum. At times of feeling overwhelmed and unable to carry on it would have been a welcomed support to have known about Hospitality Action. Today really reinforced both the problems facing people in the industry and the brilliant work that Hospitality Action are doing to offer support and overcome those problems. I feel it’s so important to increase awareness of this great charity and I hope to help spread the word.”

Toby Hunt
Head Chef, The Sun Inn, Kislingbury, Northampton


Olleco’s £100,000 donation is going a long way
Supporting Hospitality Action seemed the natural way for us to give something back to our customers, colleagues and friends. We are proud that our donation is helping to transform the lives of over 540 families throughout the UK. 17 of these were helped with mobility scooters. Simon Holwell, who joined us to celebrate the £100,000 milestone, worked as a pastry development chef for Maison Blanc until he was paralysed by a spinal injury. When he needed a lightweight wheelchair, Hospitality Action were able to step in and help give Simon back his freedom. Simon told us that his new chair means he can now start leading a normal life again and is looking forward to being able to get back to work.

A single day can last a lifetime
One of the most effective ways that Hospitality Action helps transform lives is to provide enough money to enjoy a family day out. Quality of life is often the first thing to suffer when a family is in crisis and as little as £60 can have a transformative effect on a whole family’s mood and wellbeing. Allowing families to escape their problems, even for just a day, is often the first step on their road back to normality and Olleco’s donation has helped 370 families take special days out.

For 23 families dealing with long term illnesses, we have also been able to provide much needed respite breaks for people caring for family members. This time is vital as it allows carers to look after their own health and wellbeing and return to the home refreshed and positive.

Hospitality starts at home
There is a deep irony in the fact that some people who work or have worked in the hospitality industry find themselves without the resources to buy a cooker or a fridge but there are many families that find themselves in need of the most basic household items. We have helped 133 families to buy much needed white goods so they can enjoy a reasonable standard of living.

£100,000 is just the beginning
There are hundreds of other ways that Hospitality Action is helping people from the industry to deal with difficult and sometimes tragic circumstances and we are committed to continue with our ongoing support long into the future. You can find out more about how you can support Hospitality Action’s work but, perhaps the simplest way is for our customers to continue to use Olleco to supply cooking oils and to collect used oil and waste food. Not only does this ensure the best outcome for these valuable resources, it also ensures better outcomes for vulnerable people across the entire hospitality industry.

To find out more, visit our Hospitality Action page.

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