29 August 2017

We are now members of the ESA

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) is working to transform waste and resource management in the UK. Its work enable members – including Olleco – to turn Britain’s waste into valuable resources whilst protecting the environment.

What does the ESA do?

  • It enables its members and public authorities to stay compliant with EU law, especially the Waste Hierarchy
  • It helps the UK tackle climate change. The industry has worked hard to cut landfill methane emissions by 72% since 1990 and also, returns from ESA members show GHG emissions from all waste managed in the UK have fallen by 70% since 1990
  • It helps make Britain's energy system more secure and promote biogas from Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

The ESA is working with us to deal with all these changes, and helps enable them to turn Britain’s waste into valuable resources, whilst protecting the environment

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