07 December 2016

Olleco becomes Zero Waste Scotland’s latest Resource Sector Commitment signatory

We are now part of Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment. Becoming a signatory, Olleco has committed to provide our 50,000 UK customers with a level of customer service that is not only of the highest standard but to also help them reduce their waste and become more resource efficient.

The Scotland Resource Sector Commitment is a voluntary initiative for organisations in the resource management industry. It enables organisations such as Olleco to show their support to Scotland’s zero waste ambitions whilst committing to deliver high-quality resource management services.

In order to become a signatory, we had to demonstrate our dedication to customer service, that our services were consistent with legal requirements and good practice and that systems were in place to ensure continuous improvement.

Charlie Devine, Head of Resource Management at Zero Waste Scotland, said: “We at Zero Waste Scotland are delighted to welcome Olleco as the latest of more than 20 organisations in Scotland signed up to the Resource Sector Commitment. We recognise that in moving towards a more circular economy, in which everything is valued and nothing wasted, excellent customer service is invaluable to keep people engaged with the zero waste goal. We are proud to see Olleco join us in leading the way on this, and look forward to continuing to work together towards a more sustainable economy.”

Vincent Igoe, Managing Director (Scotland) of Olleco said: “We made it our vision to help foodservice businesses recovery 100% of their wastes so I am delighted that our environmental commitment and dedication to customer service excellence has been recognised by Zero Waste Scotland. We are immensely proud to be part of an association that is working incredibly hard to help reduce the waste we produce here in Scotland. It is a shared goal that is vitally important in guaranteeing environmental security and we will continue to help them and waste producers achieve it. 

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