28 November 2016

Technology transforms fuel from oil

Olleco’s National Accounts Director, Duncan McLaren, latest feature in the MRW magazine looks at innovations of used cooking oil collections and how far the industry has come.

The article looks at what used to happen to used cooking oil (UCO) and the changes in the law which led the way for UCO collection companies to turn this valuable resource into a renewable transport fuel.

This opinion piece focuses on innovations. Developments in technology have enabled the collection of UCO to become streamlined and automated. Improvements to specialised vehicles mean that there is less fuel consumed during each collection. Advancements in biodiesel production means that Olleco is able to produce EN 14214 specification biodiesel which has more than 90% GHG emissions saving compared to fossil diesel. Team all these elements together and we are able to provide a closed loop cycle for businesses as they are able to run their distribution fleets on biodiesel made from the cooking oil used in their kitchens.

If you would like to view the article in full, please visit the MRW website by clicking here.

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