28 September 2016

MRW feature - Procrastination is harming AD sector

Olleco’s National Accounts Director, Duncan McLaren, latest feature in the MRW magazine sees him report on how “procrastination is harming the AD sector”.

The Government has decided there is now overcapacity in the market and subsidies such as the Feed-in Tariff, Renewable Obligation Certificates and the Renewable Heat Incentive have been reduced or removed entirely. With capacity outstripping demand, the clear choice is to increase demand and keep capacity increasing on a shallower gradient or take steps to cool growth in capacity in the market.

This opinion piece looks at the UK’s decision to leave the EU and its effect on the AD industry. Will the UK keep any of the recycling targets and laws that were set by the EU post-Brexit? Scotland and Northern Ireland have already taken steps to increase feedstock to AD by making food waste separation the law but England still trails behind by sending most of their food waste to landfill.

If you would like to view the article in full, please visit the MRW website by clicking here.

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