26 February 2016

Duncan McLaren, National Accounts Director at Olleco, featured in MRW magazine

MRW is a national magazine aimed at the recycling and waste management sector and this month our very own Duncan McLaren asks the question, “why is England failing on food waste?”

The article looks at England’s avoidance at tackling food waste in the wake of new legislation in both Scotland and Northern Ireland that requires all commercial kitchens to have food waste collected separately or face a hefty fine.

This opinion piece addresses the usefulness of AD to not only encourage kitchens to separate food waste from other recyclables like plastic and card so that they can be recycled but to use food waste to make renewable energy.

England needs new waste regulations. We have partnered with the REA and Eunomia Research & Consulting to lobby the government to force change towards separate food waste collections. This food waste can then be collected by specialist companies, like Olleco, and taken to AD to be turned into renewable energy.

If you would like to view the article in full, please visit the MRW website by clicking here.

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