01 December 2015

Olleco supports the REA's campaign for mandatory food waste collections in the UK

Today, Jeremy Jacobs, Technical Director for the REA announced that we will be supporting the association and their campaign for mandatory food waste collections in the UK by commissioning a report from Eunomia Research & Consulting.

Jeremy commented:

“The study aims to provide an independent assessment of whether businesses and local authorities can expect to make savings on waste collections by diverting additional biowaste away from the residual waste stream into composting or anaerobic digestion. It will also examine the extent to which current domestic and EU legislation may already require separate biowaste collections.

Whilst Scotland and Wales have already taken measures to promote the collection of food waste, England is lagging behind in this respect – the imminent European Commission Circular Economy package may include a future requirement to separately collect biowaste in future.

You may have seen on last Thursday's BBC 10pm news a story on food waste in landfill linked to this week's climate change talks in Paris. There has never been a better time to push for mandatory biowaste collections than now given the current appetite for assisting in mitigating GHG emissions. Please support our petition.”

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