11 September 2015

Convert2Green and United Biscuits pioneering collaboration is celebrated at national awards

On Wednesday 9th September Convert2Green (now part of Olleco) and their partners United Biscuits (UB), were awarded the Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year at this year’s Low CVP Low Carbon Champions Awards.

The award recognises the innovative and unique approach Convert2Green and UB have taken of using converted used cooking oil to reduce road transport carbon emissions.

Convert2Green Ltd is a leading British waste to energy company. It operates nationally to collect waste cooking oils and animal fats that are processed into advanced biofuels which are then used as a transport fuel and in power generation.

Convert2Green has developed an initiative called Ultra Biofuel that delivers a renewable fuel solution which results in more sustainable heavy transport on the UK’s roads and in turn, significant Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions. The Ultra Biofuel solution has been successfully demonstrated with partnersUB, bioltec Systems GmbH and the University of Leeds Energy Institute during a two year DfT Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial.

Jim Ebner, Technical Director of Ultra Biofuels at Convert2Green, commented: “Last night was a huge success for us and we are absolutely delighted to have been announced the winners. Together with United Biscuits we have been working for four years to develop a sustainable transport fuel that sees a 97% reduction in Greenhouse Gases compared to conventional diesel.”

Rob Wright, Head of Distribution at United Biscuits, added: ‘The award is fantastic recognition for all those involved in this project. To convert a waste stream into a re-usable fuel with such an environmental benefit is great step forward for our sustainability agenda. The trial results verified and published by University of Leeds Energy Institute surpassed all our expectations and have demonstrated tremendous scope for broader use in the UK. To date, United Biscuits has converted 16 vehicles to operate on this fuel with the combined CO2 saving equivalent to removing two million truck miles off the road’      

Adam Baisley, Commercial Director at Olleco, also commented: “The recent acquisition of Convert2Green offers an exciting addition to Olleco’s range of low carbon bio-liquid fuels. They have pioneered the captive fleet market for biodiesel as well as the development of this unique patented dual fuel system so we really look forward to developing the potential of these fuels in the future.”

C2G customers who operate in the transport, logistics and construction industries, frequently have to answer complex environmental questions when bidding for business. C2G’s low carbon and sustainable fuel solutions for Road Transport and Non Road Movable Machinery provide an easy and effective answer and give our customers a crucial competitive advantage.

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