12 June 2015

Sainsbury’s trials cooking oil recycling banks

The 20th May saw Sainsbury’s Leven, Kirkcaldy, Linlithgow and stores across Edinburgh launch a trial of recycling banks for cooking oils. The aim of the trial is to encourage customers to recycle their waste cooking oil, whilst also saving their kitchen sink from blockages often caused when oils are poured down the drain.

In partnership with Olleco, Scottish Water and Zero Waste Scotland, customers can simply deposit household cooking oil waste including vegetable oil, animal fat and lard in a plastic bottle at the recycling banks located in Sainsbury’s car parks. From there the oils are collected by us at Olleco and taken to our recycling plant to be converted into biodiesel.

Adam Baisley, Biodiesel and Business Development Director at Olleco commented: This trial is a fantastic opportunity for households to make more of their kitchen waste. Blocked drains are a problem and pouring oils away is a waste of something that can be recycled. Once it is converted into biodiesel it becomes a fuel with over 95% Greenhouse gas savings versus fossil fuels  – isn’t that a better solution than having to pay the millions needed to clear our country’s drains yearly? 

Paul Crewe, Head of Sustainability at Sainsbury’s:
“Cooking oils probably aren’t the first thing you’d think of recycling however it’s a great way of keeping your drains clear and putting waste to a good use. This is an exciting trial that adds to the recycling our customers already get involved in, including clothing, and even Christmas cards.”

The recycling banks are really easy to use so we hope customers near the participating stores will get involved in the trial.”

The trial was welcomed by Scottish Water, as this links to their Cycle campaign which aims to highlight simple steps to prevent blocked pipes.

Scott Fraser, Scottish Water Campaign Manager, said:
“Scottish Water deals with around 37,000 blockages a year – 80% of which are caused by kitchen and bathroom waste being disposed of incorrectly down toilets or sinks.

“We are pleased to support this trial which offers customers the chance to recycle their used fat, oil and grease, and play their part in helping to keep the water cycle running smoothly – while protecting the environment.”

The banks are now available in the car park at the following Sainsbury’s stores: 

Edinburgh Longstone.

To avoid any potential injury, please make sure you allow all used cooking oil to cool before it is decanted into a plastic bottle.

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