AD Plant build - progress report

02 October 2014
We have now completed month seven of the AD project and the project is making great progress.

August was a busy month with the completion of the two storey control building and the arrival of all of the plant’s major equipment. This included the arrival of the Jennbacher CHP engine and the Waste Water treatment units.

We have also started with the onsite electrical work which will allow the electricity generated by the CHP engine to be distributed to both the Biodiesel plant and the UCO process. This will ensure that the entire Liverpool site can operate on renewable electricity.

Plans for October are to complete the depackaging section of the project and to start producing the ‘soup’ which we will be feeding the AD plant with. In addition, it is hoped that the majority of the mechanical installation will be completed which will include the fitting of the digester roof. This will be a double membrane dome which, in addition to a roof, will act as storage for the biogas generated.

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