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03 April 2014
Construction of our very own Anaerobic Digestion plant is well and truly underway with the aim to complete the build by the end of this year.

The digester is being built at our Liverpool site and will provide heat and power to our state of the art biodiesel plant. It will be fed from the food waste we collect from our customers.

The production of biodiesel requires heat, so we set out to install an innovative solution that would utilise recovered resources instead of using primary energy sources such as fossil fuels. 

The site will be home to a digester which will essentially accelerate the decomposition of the waste. Whilst waste food rots, it produces biogas which is 60% methane, it is this gas that we will trap and feed into a CHP engine to generate the heat and electricity used to run the biodiesel production.

In addition to this, any remaining liquid effluent will be passed through a water treatment plant to remove the solids producing clean water that can be reused on site and the residual solid digestate will be used as environmental friendly compost.

This project is the first of its kind and will mean that we can divert food waste from landfill and we also improve the carbon footprint of our biodiesel which will show a Greenhouse gas saving of nearly 100%, making it one of the most sustainable types of fuel currently available. 

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