Agri Energy rebrands to Olleco

02 April 2013
We are changing our name from Agri Energy to Olleco to better reflect what our customers have come to rely on us for.

Over the last seven years we have developed a national business built on a sound foundation of local knowledge and experience. Our services have been enhanced through the creation of a virtuous cycle of integrated supply, collect and conversion solutions delivered to the highest service standards and leveraging our technical expertise. We are proud of having built a business where every member of our team works to ensure that nothing is ever wasted and everything we do adds value.

Where others see waste we see resources (we are not just a waste company).

The Olleco brand brings all our businesses together under a single name. The opening of our Liverpool biodiesel plant in 2012 enabled us to complete our virtuous cycle of supply, collect and conversion and offer total resource recovery solutions to our customers. Completing this virtuous cycle moves us from just waste services to a being a leader in resource recovery. We extract value at every stage and we believe that nothing should ever be wasted and everything has value — it’s just a matter of knowing what and where to look for it.

Other names you may know us by


New name



Agri Food Service


Fryers Catering


A&B Oils

Olleco Southampton

C&D Oils

Olleco Cymru (Wales)

South West Edible Oils

Olleco South West

Eden Valley Oil

Olleco Cumbria

Eden Valley Oil

Olleco North East

Richardson Oils

Olleco Scotland


Olleco Liverpool

We are a local partner with national reach

We are a nationwide company that prides itself on being close to our customers. We understand their needs, wants and likes to become their local partner. The knowledge and understanding that we have gained through decades of working with our customers has now been brought together to provide a range of products and services at a quality and price that create new opportunities locally and nationally.

 Olleco's Virtuous Cycle showing Supply, Collection, Conversion cycle

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