Are you doing enough to keep your used cooking oil safe?

25 March 2013
With used cooking oil theft on the rise it is now more important than ever to make sure this valuable resource is collected by approved companies so that it can be converted into green fuel responsibly.

“Cooking oil theft ‘costs Treasury £25m a year in lost duty’" – the latest on the cost of used cooking oil theft from the BBC.

With an estimated 20% of used cooking oil produced by the UK catering industry being stolen each year and traded on the black market, it not only deprives restaurants of a valuable revenue source but it also puts property and human life at risk.

Olleco has been collecting used cooking oil for more than 30 years and we are fully licensed and insured for all our cooking oil services; we also pay our customers for all the used cooking oil we collect and we then convert it into a very high standard of biodiesel at our state of the art facility in Liverpool.

Stolen used cooking oil not only leaves the proprietor open to fines by the Environmental Agency but it is often sold to unsuspecting processing plants for conversion into biodiesel or is made into biodiesel by them criminals themselves.

The type of biodiesel that is made without the proper expertise and equipment is likely to be of very low grade which will lead to damage of the vehicles it is placed in plus the process to make biodiesel is neither simple nor easy if done properly.

Adam Baisley, Commercial Director here at Olleco featured on BBC Radio 5 Live Investigates talking about the theft of used cooking oil – click here to listen again.  


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