We can help you fight the climate emergency

Our new livery is designed to help your customers understand how you are working to protect the planet

Olleco has been at the forefront of the circular economy for the past 13 years, providing services to food businesses which help reduce their environmental impact:

  • We collect used cooking oil and convert it to premium biodiesel
  • We supply a range of sustainable, premium cooking oils and fats
  • We collect food waste and convert it into green energy
  • We help food businesses enter the circular economy
69% of people do not know that food waste causes climate change

Food waste is estimated to be responsible for 11% of greenhouse gas emissions. Tackling this will have a massive impact on climate change.  

  • Premium biodiesel made from used cooking oil reduces traffic carbon emissions by up to 88%
  • Diverting food waste from landfill reduces methane emissions which are more than 25 times more damaging than CO₂
  • Generating renewable energy & fertiliser from unavoidable food waste reduces CO₂ emissions from fossil fuel

If everyone in the UK followed Olleco's lead, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16.4million tonnes CO₂e. That’s equivalent to powering every home in Britain’s 10 biggest cities or creating a forest the size of Scotland.

Saving the planet needn’t cost the earth

Quite the opposite in fact. We help you:

  • Recover value from your used cooking oil
  • Reduce your overall waste collection costs
  • Find ways to become more resource efficient
  • Market your environmental performance to customers