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With the mounting pressure to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and landfill cost now in excess of £100 per tonne, it is now increasingly expensive to dispose of your food waste. 

In today's new circular economy, food waste is a resource. 

We offer an award winning service that removes the hassle out of managing your food waste, converting it into renewable energy. 


Food waste maceration


There is increasing pressure for the maceration of food waste to be phased out as it has already been in certain parts of the UK. If you currently macerate your food waste, give us a call and we can talk you through a more sustainable and cost effective solution. 

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We ensure all of our sites and our partnered AD plants are fully compliant with EA standards. Annual Duty of Care/Waste Transfer documents are included in the service charge where other companies may charge you up to £30 despite this being a legal requirement.​

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Our service 

Using our food waste collection service is not only a more sustainable option to traditional landfill but will also provide you with a clear economic benefit.  

We will provide you with a reliable weekly collection service and ensure your bins are kept clean and odour free by replacing the bin liner at every collection. 

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What we do with your food waste

We have formed relationships with a number of local, licensed Anaerobic Digestion plants throughout the UK to minimise how far your collected waste has to travel. These relationships provide the key link between our customers who need food waste collected and Anaerobic Digestion plants that need the feedstock to produce biogas and renewable energy.

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