Resource Recovery

Guaranteed safe, local and legal

Olleco provides 100% resource recovery for the food industry through a virtuous cycle of integrated supply, collection and conversion solutions, delivered to the highest standards.

Everything we do ensures that nothing is ever wasted from your foodservice business. We call this Total Resource Recovery.

Over the years, we’ve come to understand that every customer’s needs are unique. From experience, we know how to adapt what we do to suit your needs no matter what they are, helping us to consistently deliver on our vision of 100% resource recovery.

Our Olleco virtuous cycle approach

Our virtuous cycle approach helps us to come up with solutions that best suit your requirements whatever they are. Nothing is wasted from your foodservice business, be that time, money or resources. Applying this approach ensures that we’re able to deliver maximum benefit to you and to the environment.

Olleco Virtuous Cycle


Our local drivers supply premium cooking oils right to your door and they can also collect your used cooking oil at the same time.

Find out more about our range of quality cooking oils.


Our drivers are registered to collect both used cooking oil and food waste. We have worked hard to develop a reliable, award winning service that takes the time and hassle out of recovering your organic waste.


Everything we collect is recycled or converted into renewable energy; nothing goes to landfill.

We do this through our network of regional depots and by applying our advanced recycling knowhow.

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