Help us support the industry’s charity - Hospitality Action

So far we have raised a whopping £95,371.97 for Hospitality Action! 

With your help we can donate more.

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Extending our ethos of care

Help us, help Hospitality Action. Every time we sell cooking oil and collect the waste from our customers we make a donation to the industry’s charity.

We chose to partner with Hospitality Action as they are a charity dedicated to supporting those in the hospitality sector. We felt there was no better cause to support as this sector is core to our business.

We have an ongoing partnership with the charity and have been raising money for them since June 2012.

Who are Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action has been established since 1837 and offers vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and who find themselves in need. Of the 2,037 people Hospitality Action helped in 2016, 84% were under the age of 60, 37% experienced a life changing illness and 30% were living in poverty. 

In 2016 they helped:

  • 100,000 employees from 135 companies access expert help, support and assistance 24/7 365 days a year via their Employee Assistance Programme
  • Educate 7,288 students at 177 college sessions via their Alcohol and Drug Awareness seminars
  • 1,285 Golden Friends through their continued contact


What does Hospitality Action do?

Hospitality Action support people…

  • Suffering from life altering illnesses
  • Experiencing poverty, bereavement and domestic violence
  • Retired from the industry who may be isolated

The money they raise goes towards…

  • Running an Employee Assistance Programme where an employer pays to provide its employees with benefits such as:
    • Help 24/365 with any issues that are out the normal work/life balance
    • Provision of emotional or financial support
    • Online, telephone and face to face advice
  • Counselling services
  • Providing specialised equipment for people with disabilities
  • Grants for essential items including food, equipment and central heating
  • Family Members Scheme which supports often isolated and lonely retired hospitality workers
  • Running educational seminars advising catering students of the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse
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How you can help?

Our customers don’t have to do anything more than what they are already doing, other than continuing to buy their cooking oil from us and ensure we collect all the used cooking oil they produce. This means preventing it from being stolen and making sure they recycle everything through our legal collection service.

Alternatively, anyone can help individually by visiting the Hospitality Action website and becoming a member or they can encourage their business to become a corporate member. They can also hold their own fundraising events and donate the proceeds to Hospitality Action or they can simply spread the word to use Olleco, as the more customers we have to supply and collect from, the more we can donate to Hospitality Action.

For more information or to find out how you can support them, visit

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