What is Anaerobic Digestion (AD)?

Anaerobic Digestion is a natural, decomposition process. Through this process, biomass (organic material that comes from plants and animals) is converted into a variety of resources under oxygen free conditions. We partner with local AD plants ensuring your food waste only travels as far as it has to, further reducing our carbon footprint. In the process we have now filled a key gap in the industry; we collect the waste that customers need to dispose of, and we can provide this to AD plants that need it to create biogas.

How the Anaerobic Digestion process works…

Microscopic bugs are used to breakdown the waste food into sugars, fatty acids and amino acids. Other strains of bacteria then change these substances into carbon dioxide and methane. The methane is then captured and used as a fuel to power generators which feed electricity back into the National Grid.

Anaerobic Digestion